As noted in the Conditions of Membership, the CMC does not itself, provide training. However, we encourage members to arrange their own mountaineering related training (such as first-aid, mountain-navigation, rope-work etc.) and to use a training grant (see below) towards the cost.

Training should be arranged with a recognized 3rd party provider, such as the BMC.
BMC courses can be found here BMC training page.
Other providers of mountaineering related courses are Plas-y-Brenin and Glenmore Lodge.

Training Grants.

  1. To facilitate members arranging their own training we have established a system allowing members to apply for a grant, from the club, towards their training. This will allow club members to take ownership of their own training, but to receive some financial help from the club.
  2. Grants will be subject to prior committee approval.
  3. Members must book/organise their own training courses.
  4. The club will cover up to 20% of the course fee, up to a maximum £50 per person.
  5. A member may book a course at any time, perhaps to coincide with an outdoor meet.
  6. Maximum one grant per person per year.
  7. Refund will be on presentation of a course payment receipt, and completion certificate.
  8. The budget is set at £200 for each year from which members may apply for a grant.
  9. Unused budget to be carried over each year up to a maximum kitty value of £500.