Second-hand gear for sale

At least once a year we have a gear sale where members can sell gear to other members that might need / want it. If you can’t wait until the next gear sale, or have just missed it, you can list items on this page. Please contact Jeremy to arrange a listing.

An amount of gear has recently been donated to the club by a local climber who has retired from the sport and wants it to go to a good home. It is used but in good condition, and has obviously been looked after. Any proceeds will be donated to Mountain Rescue so please buy generously. To make a purchase, please contact the club chairman Bob.

Photos of the equipment can be seen below this list:

One pair Snow Shoes – Old-fashioned Lattice strap type. SOLD
Mountain Technology Ice Hammer 45cm complete with leash, head cover and point protector.
Mountain Technology Ice Axe 45cm complete with leash, head cover and point protector.
Charlet Moser Ice Axe 50cm complete with leash, head cover and point protector.
Black Diamond Ice Axe Leash.
DMM Deadman 23cm high x 17cm wide.
20cm ice screw – drive-in/screw-out type.
20cm ice screw – screw-in/screw-out tubular type.
One pair Dachstein type mitts – blue small/medium.
Troll climbers belt – Large. SOLD
DMM Harness – size unknown.
One pair Austrialpen 10 point crampons with front points – variable length complete with straps + point protectors.
One set neoprene crampon straps.
Camp Hexcentric 3 on wire.
Camp Hexcentric 4 on wire.
Wild Country Rock 3 on wire.
Wild Country Rock 4 on wire.
Wild Country nut key.
Angle rock piton 10cm long.
Via-ferrata kit..?? – 2 screwgate karabiners, friction device + 3m 9mm rope. SOLD
Salewa belay plate.
Camp figure-8 descender.
Faders figure-8 descender.
DMM screwgate karabiner.
5 quickdrawer slings – various lengths.
Camp snaplink karabiner.
DMM snaplink karabiner.
Two Wild Country 1.2m x 2.5cm sewn slings. SOLD
One Tape sling 1.2m x 1.5cm – knotted. SOLD
Two 5mm rope slings – prussik loops…??
One helmet – unknown make. SOLD
9mm rope – apprx. 16/17m long. SOLD