Hut Meets Guidelines

The following guidelines have been agreed by the committee / club:

1. Hut Fees (as agreed at the 2019 AGM)

Hut fees are currently £12 per CMC member per night i.e. £24 for a normal weekend (irrespective of what the actual hut fees are).

  • This overnight hut fee rate will only apply to normal weekend meets. Other meets such as week long meets are expected to aim to break even.
  • All hut fees collected must be recorded by the Meet Leader in the CMC hut fees book (making sure that the carbon paper is in place to record the treasurers copy), which is located in the Outdoor Meets Pack.
  • After the outdoor meet both the fees collected and the hut fees book must be passed to the treasurer at the earliest opportunity (normally either the next indoor meet or committee meeting), who will then acknowledge receipt of the fees in the hut fees book by signing the relevant page and removing the carbon copy, after which the book should be replaced in the Outdoor Meet Leaders Pack. Finally the Meet Leaders Pack is to be returned to the CMC Outdoor Meets Secretary (or in their absence then the subsequent Outdoor Meet Leader).

Hut fees must be paid either in advance or on the weekend meet, by cash or cheque only. No Electronic Funds Transfer of hut fees is allowed.

2. Conditions for guests at hut meets:

Guests may attend hut meets provided that :

  • There are free places not required by CMC members
  • Guests pay £15 per person per night for staying in huts (i.e. £30 for a normal weekend).
  • Guests may only attend hut meets twice per annum without joining the club
  • All guests must record their details (name, address and phone number, Next of Kin details) in the Guests List held in the Outdoor Meets Pack in case of any incidents / emergencies. This is also so that guests are covered by the BMC 3rd party insurance, as they are considered as potential new club members.
  • All Guests are accepted at the discretion of the Meet Leader.


3. Members and Guests Booking on to Weekend Hut Meets (agreed by the CMC Committee on 15/10/2014)

Policy required due to the problem of guests wanting to book onto hut meets, but the Meet Leader unable to make a decision as to whether they can be accepted until after the Wednesday indoor meet two days prior to the trip, when the Meet Leader will know exactly how many CMC members want to go.]

Members should preferably book on to weekend hut meets as early as possible and not leave it until the last minute, so as to avoid any organisational problems. If members have not fully booked on to a hut meet by the end of the previous Friday (one week before the actual meet), then if there are any hut places free they can be offered to any guests (non CMC members) that have requested them.

One week should hopefully allow the Meet Leader enough time to organise/finalise the meet arrangements and transport.

4. Guidelines for extra nights on hut meets (agreed by the CMC Committee on 27/03/2002)

Members wishing to spend extra nights (such as the Sunday night) at huts should adhere to the following guidelines wherever possible:-

  • A member wishing to stay additional nights at a hut must notify the CMC Outdoor Meets secretary, ideally at least two weeks in advance of the actual meet.
  • Agreement should be obtained from the Hut Warden / Hut Booking Secretary for the mountaineering club hut involved. If not agreed in advance then normally there will be a contact telephone number somewhere in the hut (such as the notice board), but if not then the CMC Meet Leader should have the contact details. If all else fails then contact the CMC Outdoor Meets Organiser.
  • The CMC Meet Leader must be informed and in agreement with any such arrangement.
  • The person using the hut(s) for additional night(s) must be aware that some huts have a minimum overnight charge, irrespective of how few people are staying, in which case they must pay the full minimum overnight hut fee (this could be as high as £90 per night). This applies to the following huts which we regularly use:
    • Fylde MC huts in the Lake District
    • Gwydyr MC hut at Capel Curig.
  • All additional hut fees must be paid direct to the CMC Meet Leader
  • Afterwards the hut key(s) will be returned ASAP to the CMC Meet Leader / CMC Outdoor Meets secretary.
  • The CMC Meet Leader will inform the CMC Outdoor Meets secretary of any such arrangements.

5. Single night occupancy on weekend hut meets (agreed by the CMC Committee on 2/12/2009)

If a member wishes to stay for just a single night (of a weekend hut meet) and the meet is oversubscribed then:

  • The member must pay the standard CMC overnight hut fee for both nights (not just the one night they are staying)
  • A member not wishing to pay for two nights will loose any priority to a hut place, which will then be allocated to the next person on the waiting list for the meet.

6. Annual Dinner Meets

Cooks automatically get priority for a hut place on the Annual Dinner meet.

7. First night accommodation free for Meet Leader

  • The first night’s accommodation is free (paid for by the CMC) for the Meet Leader.
  • This will apply to both hut and camping meets.
  • For camping meets an invoice will need to be obtained from the campsite operators and presented to the CMC treasurer for reimbursement.