25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary:

We celebrated the CMC’s 25th Anniversary on Saturday 11th March 1995 with a dinner in the Royal Victoria Hotel, where many Annual Dinners were held in the early years. A list of venues where Annual Dinners have been held is here [Add link]. A total of 59 members/ex-members/partners and children attended. A group photo was taken and this is shown below, together with the names of those attending. 

Back Row.
John Couchman, Nick Cooper, Andy Hazel, Peter Sime*, Ian Inch*, Dave Stoney*, Ed Hicks*, Alistair Mitchell, Howard Thomas*, Unknown (M), Tim Field, Brent Mc Gregor, Tom Mackie.

In front of Back Row.
Eric Atkins, Will Codd, Unknown (M), Dave Corben, Keith Woodward, Barry Woodward, Gary Brown, Gordon Spence, Tim Howell, Elspeth Howell.

Middle Row.
Steve Dutton, Kevin Woodcock*, Unknown (M), Dave Ballantine, Richard Howie, Unknown(F), Alistair Goodwin, Andy Lever*, Steve Gillions*, Lee Francis, Jerry Birtles, Terry Thomas.

Behind Front Row.
Sue Mackie, Lindy Furby + 2 children, Margaret Payne + child, Pat Hicks, Unknown(F), Rachel Griffin*, Ann Shellard*, Jackie Stoner, Sue Morton, Fran Lobb*, Edith Fox, Fiza Couchman.

Front Row.
Bill Turner*, Smudge*, Nick Morton, Donal Griffin*, Mick Waghorn, Alan Mason, Graham Gillions, Kev Noblett, Graham Dungate*, Bob Johnston*, Dave Stringer*, Patsy Stringer*.

Names of attendees unidentified in photo
Dave Bishop, Stuart Fife, Ashley Williams(F), Margaret Paynes partner, Derek O’Dell. Can anyone put these names to the faces? If yes, please contact Bob Johnston by email

* = also attended the 50th Anniversary dinner